Deep Cove

It’s been so long since I last hiked (hello, college days) and now, with the invite of one of my closest friends here in Canada, I was finally able to do it again. The trail was okay but according to a lot of people it was considered one of the easiest when you’re a beginner at hiking. Anyway, the weather during that time was a little cloudy and I thought it would rain. It drizzled when we got to the top but stopped a few minutes after. 

We started at around 7 in the morning just because we woke up a little late. Darn it, alarm! 

It was a good thing we started early rather than waiting for the sun to come out (that never did) because 20 minutes after, people kept on coming. We got lucky that by the time we reached the peak, there were only 3 people, meaning if you take pictures, not a lot of people would photobomb you. Personally, I am somebody who takes time to take pictures. I would stop if I see something worth capturing. The view was breath-taking and I could stay there all day and just stare at the beauty of Deep Cove. 

I had a hard time getting up the following day, okay. And I had rowing practice, too! But I did get up and guess who was very sore the Monday following all those activities? Looking forward to the next hikes!

Stay active! 

Michelle 7|26|2016


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