Garibaldi Lake Hike

So I’ve been really into hiking now! I find that it’s such a nice way to kill your legs. I’m obviously kidding but seriously, I thought I couldn’t handle the hike because it was too difficult. I mean I knew it was going to be but I never expected to that extent. But fortunately, all those nights runs my sister and I did for the past weeks paid off.

We started the drive at 5:30 early in the morning because we live in Surrey and the trip would take an hour plus to get to Squamish. Of course I didn’t (still can’t) drive so Ate Charla picked us up and Ragveer also came at that time. I actually had an hour of sleep that day so I was mostly asleep going there. Around 7:30, we had breakfast at White Spot. 

Ragveer is vegetarian but I’m not. You already know which plate’s mine. 

When we got to that starting point, there were so many people already! It was most likele because it’s Summer, the weather was exceptionally nice that week (last week), and that Garibaldi Lake is just an amazing place. We started hiking at 9 am.  

All in all, the hike was said to be 18 km, 9 going and 9 back to the parking lot. I told myself that I can’t complain about being tired because I was just carrying a backpack while other people who planned to camp were carrying much heavier stuff. 

But the hardest part for me was the lack of portable washrooms! It was so hard to hold the pee in for the whole hike! I’ve always done that before when I was still a student nurse but still. 

At this point, we were just so tired but seeing that we only got 2 km left got us going! Hussle!

A little bit of the pain got washed away when we got a glimpse of this beautiful lake.

Twilight feels?

…and then finally!

It was so worth it! I was just in awe at how blue and clean the lake was and even though so many people have been coming and going, it’s still a peaceful place to be at. It was magnificent! I am so glad that I said yes when Ate Charla asked if I wanted to go. I’m always up for any adventure and this one is ticked off the bucketlist. Life is really amazing. 

We only stayed for an hour. We ate, took pictures, chilled for a bit. It was getting really cold so that was a sign to start hiking back down. It wasn’t as hard going up. My sister and I started jogging back to the parking lot because it was easier. My only motivation to reach the parking lot was the washroom. By that time, it’s been 5 hours away from a washroom and judging by the amount of water I drank, my bladder was at it’s limit. Inside my head, I was just shouting washroom. So when I started hearing the river, my happiness was over the moon! And fortunately, there was no line!

We did the whole thing for 6 hours. Not bad? 🙂

I’m not going back there any time soon but when I do, I know it’s going to be as worth it as the first time. Keep being beautiful, British Columbia. 

Until the next trip!


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