The Happy List: October

I know I have been away for so long. But here I am with updates! I won’t be able to edit so much as my laptop is missing and I’m only using my phone for now. I’m still alive!!!

1. This was during the last days of Summer… Our last hike – 5 km back and fortg this beauty. Golden Ears Provincial Park, everybody.

2. Finally got to try Earnest ice cream!!! It is really as good as they say it is. 

3. With a little stroke of luck, I found myself winning on a school (that I don’t even go to) raffle!!! Thank you, BCIT! I got a new baby- my instax mini 90!

4. Sweets overload! 

5. My very first Cranberry Festival race. Even though it was raining all day and the weather was as cold as ice, I was glad I joined. Rowing with those kind-hearted women made everything worth it! We were unprepared but it was a good experience. 

6. Two things I love: reading a good book and matcha

7. First time participating in a halloween party (not really party, but still I dressed up)

8. Experiencing fall for the first time…

9. Catching up with a dear best friend- hello from the other side of the world! With love from Canada and New Zealand ❤


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