Here’s a quick re-cap of my 2016:

Migrated to Canada and became a permanent resident (starting the year right, eh).

Landed my first (and still, thank God) job! First met my BKK friends.

I bought a Polaroid camera after getting my first pay! After debating for so long, I finally decided to get it and I. Have. No. Regrets.
My Aunt came to visit and it was one of the most fun short vacation I had – went to so many places such as:
Whistler – we didn’t stay long because my Aunt just really wanted to see snow because it never snows in Florida (???) and Sea to Sky in Squamish – spectacular view!

First time experiencing Spring! What I was looking forward to most were the Cherry Blossoms – my favourite flower ❤
Went to the Tulip Festival.

Mother’s Day celebration with just me and my mom. Felt a bit lonely but at least she has me to celebrate it after 5 consecutive years.
Met new people 😉
Went to Richmond Public market for the first time and it actually felt like I was back in the Philippines because feels!

Getting more warm ❤
This month marked the first time I attended rowing practice! I didn’t know what to expect, just that it was going to be difficult. Survived and loved every second of it!

Happy 18th birthday, Isabelle!
My dad and sister were back for good!
Jogged on a daily basis with the sister at the park because hello, Summer!
First official hike – went to Quarry Rock. I am a little scared of heights but I told myself I will conquer it, one mountain hike at a time.
Hiked Garibaldi Lake with Ate Charla, my sis, and Ragveer! I have a separate post for this!

Went to Capilano with my sisters. I was so scared at first but the view was so worth crossing all those bridges.
Joined my first Dragonboat Festival. It was held at Steveston and I actually have a separate post about the whole event, too!
Hiked with a few from the Filipino Community at Mt Seymour Provincial Park.

Our first clubbing with BKK and the very first time I got so drunk that I blacked out. It was like 80% of what happened from 10:30pm-2am were hazy. It was really fun before the alcohol kicked in because we spent the whole day walking around downtown Vancouver! Definitely doing it again!
PNE with the family.
Went hiking with Ate Charla and my sis at Golden Ears Park. The waterfall was such a breath-taking view!
I went clubbing again with Vanessa (!!!!!!) but that wasn’t really the highlight (BUT I HAD SO MUCH FUN). The highlight about this part was when we spent the whole day going around Vancouver ❤ AND finally getting Ernest ice cream! It was heavenly.
I won an Instax mini 90 thanks to BCIT. I bought something from there store and got one raffle ticket. Thank you, lucky star!

My first biggish get-together with the Filipino Community.
Also, my first Cranberry Festival. I was so unprepared for the weather. I was only wearing slippers and it was like 0 degrees!!! People thought we were crazy because of what we were wearing. Once you get on the boat and start paddling, it gets warmer though so it was all good. I’d do it all over again.
My first *really* killing date.
Hey, Fall!!!
Went to a Halloween party with Reza and people I don’t know but I had so much fun!
Halloween party at the office. Well, not really a party. It was just another normal day except we were all dressed up and there was potluck, too! Me and my sister won Best Pair (as if there was another competition lol)

Celebratory dinner with my WOW fam.
It’s not so much of a highlight but I loved every minute we practiced for our dance for our company Christmas party. We were able to bond more because of it!
And of course, TNM annual Christmas party!!! It was a month early because duh November, but it was fun! We were finally able to meet most of the people working in the main office (we from Processing Department rarely get to see them because we work in a different office) so it was nice that we got to see what they actually look like. Also, the super duper highlight was our win from the talent show! AND OF COURSE THE AFTER PARTY THAT GOT ME SICK THE NEXT DAY.
First time that I went to a Canucks game because duh, free tickets. Thanks, Dr. Z!

Moved to OUR house – more exciting than my 24th birthday. I love the place because there’s so much more space compared to the one we previously rented. My room is bigger which meant I got a bigger bed.
Celebrated my first Filipino Christmas party! The people I was with were all from work (there’s a lot of Filipinos in my work place) and I’m so happy we are so tightly bonded. It was a craaaazy night!!!
Grandparents came to visit for month.
Surprise, surprise, happy birthday, self!
Merry Christmas! It was the most quiet Christmas I ever experienced. We just had a simple dinner and then I fell asleep at around 10 pm. Meh.
NYE (a day early though) clubbing with my bb ❤

2016 was definitely my year. For some people, it might be just another year but for me, it was amazing. There were so many things that happened to me this year that I didn’t know I would experience. I am so thankful for all the blessings!
See you in 2017!!!

Michelle 01052017


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