Jenny Han in Vancouver


My first thought was “Finally!”

I’ve been reading Jenny Han’s books since I was in college, that was 4 years ago! I picked up the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy and even though I’m one of those readers who doesn’t really like reading about fluff and cheese, I was drawn to the main character’s world. I think mainly because it was centered on first loves and heartbreaks, which I was going through myself at that time. Good times 😉

So when I saw To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, I immediately bought it because I saw it was written by Jenny Han and also because I loved the cover, even if I’m not a fan of book covers with people on it. Her books are an easy read, that’s what I like about them. You can imagine them happening and they are very relatable. I lost the first opportunity to see her when she went on a book tour to the Philippines – one, because it was in Manila and I would have to get plane tickets for that, and two, I was stuck at work. So when I saw that she included Vancouver in her book tour for Always and Forever, Lara Jean, I thought that I should definitely go!

I almost didn’t want to go on the day of. It was a gloomy and rainy Monday and I was stressing on the amount of people that would go but I couldn’t let this chance pass by. She’s so much closer now and I know I’d regret it if at least didn’t try to go. I went and arrived at Chapters around 5:30 pm, bought the book and waited patiently. I felt so old to be there. All I was seeing were a bunch of excited teens with their mothers! Knowing my personality, I would never start a conversation because I went there alone but it was fine, Jenny Han finally came out around 7:05! She started talking about how the third book came to life. I know for one there was never supposed to be a third book. But to anyone who has read the first two are definitely happy that the third one came out, especially me because it was because of that book she decided to go to Vancouver for the first time for a book tour!

The line was a little bit long and I was so close to going home. Seeing her in person was enough for me to be honest. I couldn’t ask for more. But then I was already so close to actually get her to sign my books physically and to have a picture taken with her. I got to her close to 8:30 pm and I know she was already tired so I just opted to get TATBILB trilogy signed and just kept the other three in my bag, even though I wanted to get those signed, too. I told her I really wanted to go for her PH book tour but couldn’t and then she asked me how living in Vancouver was. It was a short talk but I got really nervous my lips were shaking! I got a really nice polaroid picture after.

Thank you Jenny Han for making the fan girl in me happy! Thank you for coming! Here’s to the next book. 🙂


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