June 3, 2017

READING: *re-reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han **She just released the last book for the trilogy last month so of course I’m going to re-read the first two, like I always do!**

PLANNING: On how to get back in shape… Did you happen to find my motivation? I’m still looking for it!

WATCHING: And can never finish Grey’s Anatomy. I lost momentum, guys. I used to watch this straight for 8 hours but after I stopped because we moved, its like my interest also moved to some other series. Okay, I’ll just wait for How to Get Away with Murder Season 4!

EATING: Right now, I just finished my carrot cake muffin with walnuts. Yum!

DRINKING: You’d think water, but it’s green tea.

LOVING: the new *adventure* decals I bought from Michael’s yesterday!

FEELING: Gloomy because of the weather. People, I’m going to get SAD (no, not literally, it’s short from Seasonal Affective Disorder) because I’m happy when it’s warm and sunny but kind of eh when it’s cloudy and windy.

LISTENING: to Selena’s Bad Liar. I’m obsessed!!!

CELEBRATING: my dad’s 45th birthday! It was yesterday, so I’ll just say birth week!

EXCITED FOR: my dad’s 45th birthday surprise which isn’t really a surprise anymore because he got upset on the day of his birthday because we weren’t at the house (we forgot the party was a surprise so we were all thinking we’ll be celebrating it anyway therefore made plans on his birthday) so my mom ended up telling him the surprise. He was in a better mood after! And we went for sushi!!!

PRACTICING: how to better at squats!!! I want those round butts, ya’ll.


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