Second Regatta

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And WOW was back in action! It marked my second official competition. We had a month or so of practice and we were never complete! The boat was never full so we never really experienced how fast we could really go and how long it would take us to row for 500 meters. But we still practiced like crazy! There was one Monday that I didn’t know how I managed to go to work because my body was so sore I couldn’t properly get up without whining in pain. But it was all worth it!

May 22, 2017

We had a total of 3 races, 500 meters each along with a very lovely warm weather on that day. In total, we only had 16 members including the spares from other teams. So our coach kept on looking for other spares so we would have a full boat. Luckily enough, we found some who were willing to paddle with us even after rowing for their own team. Their dedication AND endurance is unreal, I didn’t think I could do it myself.

We were on the 4th lane for the first two races. Our times were meh which I was half expecting considering we never practiced together! Now for the whole race, I was front stroke, which means I get to lead the speed along with my partner who, mind you, only had one practice with me and it was 2 days before the competition. She was quite fast which I wasn’t too used to but I’m glad I was able to keep up with her!

For the third and finale race, we were on the 2nd lane, an answered prayer, I thought. I never really liked the last and farthest lane. I felt like it was a bad place to row! It was a rush of adrenaline and I loved that our coach was the one who was drumming because I’ve always liked how she motivated us. During practices, any coach would say to look ahead of you, keep your head on neutral like there’s a baseball in between your chin and neck and not mind other teams but for a split second I saw our coach look to her right in the middle of the race because we were so close to finishing gold. I couldn’t help myself but look as well. The other team won by 2 freaking seconds! AND WE WEREN’T A FULL BOAT, TOO. Only 19 women paddled on our 3rd race and it was a stroke of luck that we even found 3 other spares last minute. But nevertheless, we were incredibly happy because so far, that was the best time WOW ever had for a 500-meter race. We didn’t get. medal but it was okay. It was a fun experience!

Thank you WOW, One Dragon, Paddle Rangers, Eh Team, and our coach!! Good job, team!!!

I can’t wait for the next competition! Harrison (hopefully), here we come!


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