Who’s Mich?

Hey! I’m Michelle or michiberr on most of my social media accounts! I’m a 90’s kid blogging all the way from Canada! I write a lot although not as much I used to. Most of the time I’m eating, watching Asian dramas and American series, reading books or out on a spontaneous adventure taking pictures of everything…if I’m not working. I love YA books and post my book reviews here (when I’m in the mood) but I’m also on Goodreads so find me! I am in-love with music and I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy. I have an obsession with CATS, matcha green tea, colored pens, and collecting polaroids. I’m impulsive, and usually the silent one, but I try to be friendly! I draw a lot and my biggest frustration is painting. You’ll probably catch me using my phone most of the time, if not sleeping. Or daydreaming.

I could be the craziest person you’ll meet, the hopeless romantic, the weird one, or just somebody whose blog you just read.

My world revolves around fiction, I get lost in time, and I’m trying to live with the fact that my prince charming is stuck somewhere in a book.

P.S. Give me coffee and I’ll love you for the rest of my life.

All my love,
Mich 071313
Mich 011414
Mich 012015
Mich 012216
Mich 060317

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