Who’s Mich?

Hey! I’m Michelle or michiberr on most of my social media accounts! I’m a 90’s kid blogging all the way from Canada! I write a lot although not as much I used to. Most of the time I’m eating, binge-watching tv shows, reading books or out on a spontaneous adventure taking pictures of everything…if I’m not working. I love YA books and post my book reviews here (when I’m in the mood) but I’m also on Goodreads so find me! I cannot live without music. I have an obsession with cats, green tea, colored pens, and polaroid pictures. I draw a lot and my biggest frustration is painting. You’ll probably catch me using my phone most of the time, if not sleeping. Or daydreaming.

I could be the most timid person you’ll meet, the hopeless romantic, the weird one, or just somebody whose blog you just read.

P.S. Give me coffee and I’ll love you for the rest of my life.

All my love,
Mich 071313
Mich 011414
Mich 012015
Mich 012216
Mich 060317
Mich 021418
Mich 011619


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