Here’s a quick re-cap of my 2016: January: Migrated to Canada and became a permanent resident (starting the year right, eh). EXPLORING TIME. February: Landed my first (and still, thank God) job! First met my BKK friends. March: I bought a Polaroid camera after getting my first pay! After debating for so long, I finally […]


And then I realized, it’s what I needed to hear. (Credit goes to my sis for taking this picture of me.) Written by Thought Catalog writer Lauren Jarvis-Gibson: Here is Why You Should Take a Break from Dating Right Now Dating is fun, I’m not going to deny that. Meeting people you can hopefully connect […]

50 Questions

For lack of blog ideas. I saw this on facebook and just wanted to do it.  Here we go!   1: What would you name your future daughter? I’ve always wanted a Japanese/Greek or a mix of both. Something like Haru Kassiopeia? 🙂   2: Do you miss anyone? Yes.    3: What if I […]