Jenny Han in Vancouver

My first thought was “Finally!” I’ve been reading Jenny Han’s books since I was in college, that was 4 years ago! I picked up the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy and even though I’m one of those readers who doesn’t really like reading about fluff and cheese, I was drawn to the main character’s world. I […]


And then I realized, it’s what I needed to hear. (Credit goes to my sis for taking this picture of me.) Written by Thought Catalog writer Lauren Jarvis-Gibson: Here is Why You Should Take a Break from Dating Right Now Dating is fun, I’m not going to deny that. Meeting people you can hopefully connect […]

Bookish #7

Another wave of books coming your way! Here’s the list of books I’ve read for the past months. Also, I’ve changed the way I review but soon realized the new one’s much harder to do. I’ll probably go back to how I usually do reviews after this one. So, ha, happy reading! Or not. Warning […]


What It’s Like To Be “Too Picky” In Dating By: Ari Eastman on Thought Catalog “Maybe you’re just being too selective,” my friend nonchalantly offers, bringing a Corona bottle to her lips. We are sitting in a bar, one of her choosing, and airing our grievances about life. She’s unhappy with her career, or lack of […]

Bookish 4

—-A little piece of advice: DO NOT READ MY REVIEWS IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS. 🙂 Reboot, Amy Tintera A novel about how when people die, they get to live again by way of ‘rebooting’ their body but have to serve for HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation) because […]

Bookish #3

These were what had kept me up for over a month in between sleep, work and food. Enjoy my reviews! (: Love and Other Foreign Words, Erin McCahan   I didn’t like it at first. I thought that the way it was written was too formal and didn’t have that young adult feel. It wasn’t like any of my usual read. For example (this was the most funny I encountered while reading the book), “Easton Town Center is the fancy indoor/outdoor mall-hangout for half the city under thirty. Usually, I find it a kaleidoscopic maze of fluorescent light and pounding music and endless strangers, interspersed with moments of happy refuge when my friends and I re-energize with sodas and soft pretzels in the food court.” Quite lengthy and very detailed, huh. And to make it short, the statement just meant that Easton Town Center is where most people hangout. LOL If you read the book, you’ll find more of those! I actually like how I was surprised by the end of the book. Although I wasn’t such a fan of her attitude, she thinks she knows it all. She knows most though, scientifically, yes, but emotionally? A big no. But that’s what was most interesting about this book. The Kissing Booth, Beth Reekles   I didn’t like it. Period. It’s too predictable and Has. Too. Many. Cliches. I. Cannot. Sorry! Isla and the Happily Ever After, Stephenie Perkins After reading The Kissing Booth, I needed a GOOD book. Really wanted to read this since I liked Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and and the Boy Next Door, the previous books before this, not totally connected but they share a few characters. It started out okay. I liked it. However, when it came to the part where Isla and Josh got together, I felt like there were so many changes and everything was happening so fast that […]